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Iโ€™m a wife, mom, world traveler, beach lover, Yoga & Fitness instructor and lifestyle blogger.
I love sharing fitness & wellness tips, plant-based recipes, self-care routines, and travel stories and adventures with my readers.ย  My goal is to create lots of freebies for you, as well as useful tips and information when it comes to eating clean, plant-based foods, travelling the world, making self-care your priority and enjoying your life to the fullest.
I’m also in the process of putting on a brand new program for people who are ready to get started with Yoga, Fitness & Wellness and are looking for a holistic program that is transformative and healing.
Yoga & Self-Care Program
Plant-Based & VeganRecipesTreats

Vegan Chocolate Covered Grapes

Okay, who's ready for a snack game-changer?! These vegan chocolate covered grapes are literally EVERYTHING! Here's how you make 'em: Ingredients: Your favourite seedless grapes…
Plant-Based & VeganRecipesTreats

The Best Vegan Nutella Banana Crepes

These Vegan Nutella Banana Crepes Are So Yummy And Super Easy To Make! Hey there, fellow foodie! Ready to whip up some scrumptiously tender Vegan…
Abundance MindsetManifestingPersonal Development

Abundance Challenge – Day 2

Gratitude Walk. In today's video, we'll take a "Gratitude Walk." Why? To really feel and understand gratitude. When you notice and are thankful for things…
Abundance MindsetManifestingPersonal Development

Abundance Challenge Day 1

Abundance Is Everywhere. In today's video, I want to share a really cool concept with you called "Abundance is Everywhere." It's a simple idea, but…
Health & Fitness

Tips for Finding Vegan Options in Non-Vegan Restaurants

Hey there! Have you ever been in a situation where you're out with friends or family at a non-vegan restaurant and feel like there are…
Health & Fitness

30-Day Smoothie Challenge

ManifestingPersonal DevelopmentTravel & Adventure

So You Wanna Live On A Tropical Island?

Many people have asked me how did I get so lucky to have managed to live in such stunning places, like Hawaii, Curacao and now…
Plant-Based & VeganRecipes

The Perfect Vegan Chilli

This Vegan Chilli Is Loaded With Flavour!ย  You'll Be Licking Your Spoon Clean; It's That Good. I sometimes love chilli, and sometimes I don't. I…
Plant-Based & VeganRecipes

Chocolatey Mug Cake For One

This Vegan Chocolatey Mug Cake For One Is The Best I've Ever Made!ย ย  If you're in the mood for something rich and chocolatey, you'll love…

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