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Visiting a new country as a vegan can be somewhat daunting because you’re not quite sure if it’ll be easy to find the food you can eat or if it is easy.

But thankfully, Barbados is not only lush, tropical, and beautiful, with the most specular beaches, lovely people and culture, it is also really vegan friendly!

I wanted to share my two favourite local places, my hubby and I decided to visit that specifically cater to vegans! I came across these local restaurants on Facebook Groups, and they were also highly rated on the Happy Cow App.

Green Lime Eco Cafe And Juice Bar

Bridgetown, Barbados

The Green Lime Eco-Cafe and Juice Bar serves delicious, local organic vegan meals that will keep you coming back for more!

The owner, Chef Shawn Adde, is incredibly helpful and will take great care of you.

I love The Green Lime Cafe because every day there is something new on the menu. Their Five-Star Vegan Combo has 5 delicious items, like a serving of sweet potatoes spiced up nice + a classic black-eyed pea stew + steamed veggies with fresh green herbs + pan-toasted plantains with caraway and anise + the bush doctor salad with avocado and toasted seeds!! Talk about a fantastic variety.

You can choose from 4 different sizes: small, medium large and titan.

We ordered the titan size, which was a massive portion, enough for both of us to share. Guys, the food is so good that we ended up eating 3 meals here within 6 days! And every meal was totally unique and mouthwatering. They serve yummy smoothies and deserts too.

Plant Lyfe

Bridgetown, Barbados

Plant Lyfe serves your favourite foods like burgers, sandwiches, tacos and more!! Drool-worthy vegan food that is freshly cooked and is bursting with flavour.

The owner, Chef Allison, is warm, friendly and has such a great vibe.

I love Plant Lyfe because I can eat all my favourites – like a hot peppered “chicken” burger or a soursop “fish” sandwich or loaded green plantain nachos… Then, to finish it off, I can treat myself to a luscious piece of fresh-made chocolate oreo cheesecake or a variety of other fabulous desserts.

And the best part is… everything… yes, everything is 100% vegan!

It’s funny because before turning plant-based, I thought we would be doomed to lifeless, tasteless meals that would be boring and a chore to eat. I was dead wrong, and chef Allison has just inspired me to learn how to make these fantastic dishes myself.

She will be offering a cooking event in the New Year, where we will be learning how to create our own creations and desserts. I can’t wait!! If you are in Barbados in the New Year, join me!

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